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14. Juli 2012

Unsichtbare Regierung-Scanner zur Totalü

Unsichtbare Regierung-Scanner zur Totalüberwachung – 14.7.12

14. Juli 2012

The Clearing Barrel – The only GI-Coffeehouse outside the US – Info Event @ Coop Anti-Kriegs Café – July 24

Information Event                   Info     Veranstaltung
The Clearing Barrel-first GI-Coffeehouse outside the US
Operation Recovery- Stop The Deployment of traumatized Troops
Tue. July 24th 19:30 @
Coop Anti-Kriegs Café
Rochstr.3  Berlin-Mitte (Alex)
U-Bahn Weinmeisterstr/Alexanderplatz S-Bahn Hackescher Markt/Alexanderplatz
GI-Coffeehouses  played a vital role as organizing centers for US active duty military personell and veterans during the Vietnam War. Today there are 3 GI-Coffeehouses, the “Under the Hood” at Fort Hood, in Killeen TX, the “Coffee Strong” next to Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Lakewood WA and “The Clearing Barrel” in Kaiserslautern Germany, the largest US-military community outside the US, which see themselves in this tradition.
The Coffeehouses provide a save space for US-military personnel, family members and veterans outside the bases. They provide free GI-Rights counseling, help with the Veterans Affairs and are part of a network that helps provide their active duty clients with legal and medical resources, as well as assist them with publicizing their stories when necessary.
Operation Recovery
There are thousands of soldiers who are being denied their Right to Heal by the U.S. military due to it´s ongoing occupations. Official 1 in 8 returning Soldiers have PTSD, every 80 min. a US-veteran commits suicide. Every four hours a sexual assault or rape is reported in the United States Armed Forces and female soldiers are more likely to be attacked by fellow soldiers than killed by enemy fire. Operation Recovery wants to create awareness about PTSD and Military Sexual Trauma and supports service members standing up for their right to heal. Operation Recovery stands against those responsible for violating them and works to end the deployment of traumatized troops.
Adele Carpenter and Meike Capps-Schubert will be presenting the work of Operation Recovery, and the Clearing Barrel GI Bar and Coffeehouse. Adele is from San Francisco California, and works with the Civilian Soldier Alliance on Operation Recovery, a project dedicated to preventing the deployment of, and finding proper treatment for traumatized soldiers. Meike Capps-Schubert is the General Manager of the Clearing Barrel GI Bar and Coffeehouse in Kaiserslautern Germany and a longtime volunteer with the Military Counseling Network e.V., that integrates the work of the Military Counseling Network e.V..
MCN e.V. is an organization devoted to assisting US military personnel with legal problems, discharges, veterans benefits and it is the only GI-Rights Hotline branch outside the US. Meike will talk about how the Café has been developing in the past 3 months since it’s opening in April.
14. Juli 2012

Weltweite Proteste – Extreme Staatsgewal

Weltweite Proteste – Extreme Staatsgewalt – 14.7.12

14. Juli 2012

Spanien – Proteste der Bergarbeiter find

Spanien – Proteste der Bergarbeiter finden breite Unterstützung – teleSUR 13.7.

14. Juli 2012

Syrienkonflikt aus Lateinamerikas Perspe

Syrienkonflikt aus Lateinamerikas Perspektive – teleSUR 14.7.

14. Juli 2012

Mini-Dronen machen Totalüberwachung mögl

Mini-Dronen machen Totalüberwachung möglich – RT 14.7.

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