German Nobelist Grass Criticizes EU’s Greece-Policy

German Nobelist Grass Criticizes EU’s Greece-Policy
Europe’s shame
A poem by Günter Grass

(in a shameless translation)

Close to chaos, because the market is not just,
your way out to destroy the country that lent you the cradle.

What with the soul searching, found you,
is now considered and appraised at scrap value.

As a debtor placed naked on the pillory, suffer a country
owe a thank you to you was saying.

Poverty doomed country whose wealth
adorn museums maintained: kept from you, looted.

With the force of arms the islandcrowned country
ravaged wore the uniform Hölderlin in his knapsack.

Barely tolerated country whose colonels
were once tolerated as an ally.

Loses right country to which the power law partner
buckled his belt tighter and tighter.

Antigone defying you wearing black and nationwide
mourning clothes, the people whose guest you have.

However, the country has to wake Croesus related
all that glitters golden hoarded in your vaults.

Drink finally, drink! scream of Commissioners cheerleaders,
but anger is Socrates – you back the cup to the brim.

Cursing in the choir, which is characteristic of you are, the gods,
to disown their Olympus Thy will be required.

You’ll waste away mindlessly without the country,
who reminds you, devised Europe.

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