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26. Mai 2012

Die global operierende NATO: Ein geostrategisches Instrument zur Welteroberung

Die global operierende NATO: Ein geostrategisches Instrument zur Welteroberung
Historischer Rückblick und Analyse der Entwicklung der NATO von 1949 bis 2012 Die North Atlantic Treaty Organisation / NATO wurde 1949 gegründet. Ihre Befürworter behaupten, dieser Militärallianz sei es gelungen, einen Damm gegen den aggressiven kommunistischen Expansionsdrang zu bauen, der Westeuropa mit einem Krieg bedroht habe. Das Gerede von einem drohenden Krieg wurde in den Medien ständig hochgespielt. Sie erinnerten immer wieder an die Berliner Blockade, an den Korea-Krieg, an die Niederschlagung des Aufstandes in Ungarn oder an das Ende des Prager Frühlings

26. Mai 2012

Immense Militärausgaben – US-Amerikaner unzufrieden

VIDEO – Immense Militärausgaben – US-Amerikaner unzufrieden –
#antikriegtv #antikrieg #antimil #stopnato #alex11 #ows #occupyberlin

26. Mai 2012

Deutschland will Venezuelas Opposition aufbauen

VIDEO – Deutschland will Venezuelas Opposition aufbauen – RT 26.5.12 #antikriegtv #antikrieg #antimil #stopnato #alex11 #ows #occupyberlin

26. Mai 2012

German Nobelist Grass Criticizes EU’s Greece-Policy

German Nobelist Grass Criticizes EU’s Greece-Policy
Europe’s shame
A poem by Günter Grass

(in a shameless translation)

Close to chaos, because the market is not just,
your way out to destroy the country that lent you the cradle.

What with the soul searching, found you,
is now considered and appraised at scrap value.

As a debtor placed naked on the pillory, suffer a country
owe a thank you to you was saying.

Poverty doomed country whose wealth
adorn museums maintained: kept from you, looted.

With the force of arms the islandcrowned country
ravaged wore the uniform Hölderlin in his knapsack.

Barely tolerated country whose colonels
were once tolerated as an ally.

Loses right country to which the power law partner
buckled his belt tighter and tighter.

Antigone defying you wearing black and nationwide
mourning clothes, the people whose guest you have.

However, the country has to wake Croesus related
all that glitters golden hoarded in your vaults.

Drink finally, drink! scream of Commissioners cheerleaders,
but anger is Socrates – you back the cup to the brim.

Cursing in the choir, which is characteristic of you are, the gods,
to disown their Olympus Thy will be required.

You’ll waste away mindlessly without the country,
who reminds you, devised Europe.

26. Mai 2012

Rockupy Berlin – Samstag 26.Mai Support

Rockupy Berlin – Samstag 26.Mai Support the Movement #alex11 #ows #occupyberlin

26. Mai 2012

VIDEO – Coke and Pepsi being used by Indian Farmers as Pesticides

VIDEO – Coke and Pepsi being used by Indian farmers as a pesticide

26. Mai 2012

Mario Monti, Premierminister Italiens

Mario Monti, Premierminister Italiens, von 1999 bis 2004 Wettbewerbskommissar der EU und arbeitete 1999 den Vorschlag „Financial Services Action Plan“ aus, an dem sich die Deregulierung des europäischen Finanzsektors orientierte.
Mario Monti war sechs Jahre lang Berater der mächtigen US-Investmentbank Goldman Sachs.
und ist Vorstandsmitglied des transatlantischen Netzwerks Bilderberg Konferenz.
In der Trilateralen Kommission, einem ähnlichen Netzwerk, ist er ebenfalls Mitglied.
Die meisten Kabinettsmitglieder unter Monti haben einen Lebenslauf aus NATO, Bankenwesen oder Unternehmer-Interessengruppen.

26. Mai 2012

Der griechische Ministerpräsident Loukas Papademos

Der griechische Ministerpräsident Loukas Papademos arbeitete in den USA bei der Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Loukas Papademos war Direktor der griechischen Notenbank, als Griechenland dem Euro beitrat und ist somit für die Überbewertung der Drachme mitverantwortlich gewesen.

26. Mai 2012

Why I heckled war criminal Tony Blair –

Why I heckled war criminal Tony Blair – Tony Blair Watch
When former UK prime minister Tony Blair spoke at a university graduation ceremony, Lisa Savage protested against the war criminal with the blood of a million Iraqis on his hands.

26. Mai 2012

NATO is arming itself to attack peoples

NATO is arming itself to attack peoples of the world
In the last May 20 and 21, NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, held its summit meeting of heads of states. These days were accompanied by manifestations in several parts of the world. Thousands of people went to the streets in Chicago, Lisbon and Athens demanding the dismantling of which is the main imperialist war machine and repudiating his belligerent climb in the Middle East. In statements, the member organizations of the World Peace Council (WPC) reaffirmed the requirement of the end of all foreign military bases and NATO installations worldwide.
NATO is a military offensive structure, responsible since its creation for uncountable crimes against humanity like recent aggressions against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Imperialism has promoted with its monstrous war machine, the deepening of international relations militarization, assaulting peoples and nations, and leaving where it pass wreckers and rivers of blood with the only objective of imposing its domain and plunder natural resources.
Since its last summit in Portugal, NATO has broadened its goals, defining its area of acting all regions throughout the world and it has extended the range of false pretexts to justify its wars. It does that using corollaries like “war against terror”, “no proliferation” and defense of “human rights” with weak excuses to assault peoples and invade sovereign nations. It uses these arguments to justify their high military spent in spite of deep economic, financial and social crisis which the countries members of NATO are living. We denounce that NATO maintains a huge military budget which overcomes 70% of all military spent of the planet. It happens at the cost of squeeze policies against workers, especially from the USA and Europe.
In a moment of serious economic crisis, imperialism doesn’t hesitate in use the force to take possession of new sources of strategic resources, and control routes and commercial flux. In this sense, we denounce the trying of militarization in the South Atlantic with the Fourth Fleet of USA, the installation of military bases in the continent and the presence of old English colonialism in Malvinas Island. We denounce also the growing of menaces and aggressions in the Middle East, underling the provocations to Syrian and Iran.
We reaffirm that the struggle for dismantling NATO will be one of the central themes in debates and actions of WCP, which will meet in World Assembly between July 20 and 23 in Katmandu, Nepal. It will be a great event in defense of peace, international solidarity and the right of peoples’ sovereign.
Socorro Gomes
President of World Peace Council

26. Mai 2012

70 reports of police misconduct at NATO protest in Chicago

70 reports of police misconduct on Sunday at NATO protest, says National Lawyers Guild – What is the legacy of the massive Sunday protest that brought out an estimated 15,000 people? One lasting effect, on both the city and the protesters, is how the Chicago Police Department behaved over the much-hyped weekend. According to Sarah Gelsomino with the National Lawyers Guild and the People’s Law Office, the NLG received 70 separate claims of police misconduct from Sunday’s events. „The majority of those incidences are baton strikes to the head and face,“ said Gelsomino. „We saw broken collar bones, broken arms, teeth knocked out, heads bashed in, lips busted and a numbers of concussions.“

26. Mai 2012

Propaganda firm owner admits attacks on journalists

Propaganda firm owner admits attacks on journalists – – that he was behind a series of websites used in an attempt to discredit two USA TODAY journalists who had reported on the contractor. The online „misinformation campaign,“ first reported last month, has raised questions about whether the Pentagon or its contractors had turned its propaganda operations against U.S. citizens.

26. Mai 2012

U.S. asks judge to undo ruling against military detention law

U.S. asks judge to undo ruling against military detention law – Federal prosecutors on Friday urged a judge to lift her order barring enforcement of part of a new law that permits indefinite military detention [of US citizens]. Manhattan federal court Judge this month ruled in favor of activists and reporters who said they feared being detained under a section of the law, signed by President Barack Obama in December. The judge’s preliminary injunction bars the government from enforcing section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act’s „Homeland Battlefield“ provisions. The section authorizes indefinite military detention for those deemed to have „substantially supported“ al Qaeda, the Taliban or „associated forces.“,0,3321678.story

26. Mai 2012

Polizeistaatsmanöver Blockuyp in Frankfurt

Illegale Stadtverbote und Hunderte Festnahmen: Ermittlungsausschuß Frankfurt erhebt schwere Vorwürfe gegen Behörden wegen Vorgehen bei Blockupy-Protesten Stephan Kranich von der Anti-Nazi-Koordination, zog das Fazit, mit der Wirtschaftskrise löse sich offenbar auch der Rechtsstaat auf: »Wenn wir keine Gerichte mehr haben, die sich der Polizei entgegenstellen, haben wir polizeistaatliche Methoden zu erwarten.«-

26. Mai 2012

Why NATO targets Syria and Iran?

Why NATO targets Syria and Iran?
Geopolitical notes from India #antikrieg #antikriegtv #stopnato #antimil #alex11