Tom Loewy: A mom’s battle over her son’s

Tom Loewy: A mom’s battle over her son’s death – Kim researched the rare form of kidney cancer that spread to his bones, lungs and brain, she stumbled across another issue — depleted uranium.
Depleted uranium is part of the waste obtained from producing fuel for nuclear reactors and atomic bombs. The U.S. armaments industry uses depleted uranium to coat weaponry like artillery shells, tanks and aircraft since the late 1970s.
Depleted uranium is now also used in the production of bullets and other projectiles, creating a weapon that cannot only penetrate armored tanks and buildings, but also inflames when it hits a target — causing the projectile to explode.
It is the intense heat of ignition, some veterans groups and researchers say, that disperses the depleted uranium in a way that can be deadly for those who inhale it.
The use of depleted uranium in weaponry is a controversial issue the U.S. military and government sought, at first, to ignore.
Kim is convinced depleted uranium caused her son’s cancer. So are the families of many other American soldiers who saw their children develop rare, fast-moving forms of cancer that in many cases killed.

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