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17. November 2011

Zuccotti Park protester arrested for mak

Zuccotti Park protester arrested for making terroristic threats – A protester was arrested in Zuccotti Park Wednesday after he threatened to fire-bomb the city – and his rant went viral on YouTube, police said. Nkrumah Tinsley, 29, was arrested after cops saw a video of him claiming he would torch the city during Thursday’s mass protest posted online, police said. Cops later identified Tinsley at Zuccotti Park Wednesday and collared him about 5 p.m., police said. He was charged with making terroristic threats.

17. November 2011

Ausstellung von Antikriegsbildern in Mün

Ausstellung von Antikriegsbildern in München

17. November 2011

Occupy Berlin inviting: Lesung „Kunst s

Occupy Berlin inviting: Lesung „Kunst statt Kapitalismus!?“ 16.12.2011

Freitag, den 16. Dez. um 20 Uhr
Andreas Wolfgang Lenzmann
Occupy Berlin inviting
„Kunst statt Kapitalismus!?“

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