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17. August 2011

Behinderte Ermittlungen – Einer offiziellen Ermittlerin der 9/11 Commission wurde seinerzeit fristlos gekündigt

Behinderte Ermittlungen – Einer offiziellen Ermittlerin der 9/11 Commission wurde seinerzeit fristlos gekündigt – offenbar, da sie zu hartnäckig einer unerwünschten Spur gefolgt war

17. August 2011

Jean Ziegler: Banken erpressen Regierung

Jean Ziegler: Banken erpressen Regierungen ; Banks blackmail Governments

17. August 2011

Was passiert in England: 4000 Festnahmen

Was passiert in England: 4000 Festnahmen und Bestrafung der Familien von Protestierenden
London (IRIB) – Die englischen Sicherheitskräfte haben bei Hausdurchsuchungen bisher 4000 Menschen festgenommen und ins Gefängnis geschickt. Um Verdächtige festzunehmen dringt die englische Polizei zu verschiedenen Zeiten Tag und Nacht gewalttätig in die Häuser ein und zerschlägt dafür auch Türen und Fenster.
Allein in London wurden 1600 Protestierende festgenommen, für 1400 von ihnen wurde eine Polizeiakte angelegt und die restlichen von ihnen sind ohne Anklage im Gefängnis und warten auf ihren Prozess.
Die englischen Gerichte sind Tag und Nacht dabei, unter Nutzung aller Kapazitäten, den Festgenommenen einen Prozess zu machen.
Die Entziehung von staatlichen Hilfen und sogar die Rücknahme von staatlichen Wohnungen von den Familien, deren Kinder an den Protesten teilgenommen haben, sind Beispiele der Strafmaßnahmen der englischen Justiz.
Derzeit sind mehr als 100 englische Polizeibeamte dabei, die mehr als 20 000 stündigen Aufnahmen der Überwachungskameras und andere Aufnahmen zu prüfen, um noch mehr Personen zu identifizieren und festzunehmen.

17. August 2011

USA: monatliche Kosten von durchschnittl

USA: monatliche Kosten von durchschnittlich 9,7 Milliarden Dollar für das Militär in Afghanistan und Irak

17. August 2011

China to create largest mega city in the

China to create largest mega city in the world with 42 million people

17. August 2011

British police played significant role in triggering civil disobedience

British police have played a significant role in triggering civil disobedience in the UK through their unprofessional and brutal way of dealing with innocent civilians.

Mark Duggan, recently killed in a police shoot out in the London suburb of Tottenham and whose death sparked a wave of street protests across Britain, Ian Tomlinson, an English newspaper vendor who was killed during G20 summit protests in London, Jean Charles de Menezes, who was shot seven times in the head after the London bombings of July 7, 2005, and David Emmanuel , a British reggae singer who was killed during a police raid on his home, all are the names included in a long list of people killed at the hands of British police forces.

Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), a police watchdog that deals with complaints against police has been established to investigate police’s crimes.

The IPCC’s job is to make sure that complaints against the police in England and Wales are dealt with effectively, it claims.

The body claims to be setting standards for the way the police handle complaints against themselves and, when something has gone wrong, it helps the police learn lessons and improve the way it works.

But they neither have learnt lessons nor have they tried to improve their performance, the example of which are:

1- Mark Duggan, whose family said it has no trust in the IPCC. The police shooting victim’s friends and family said that they don’t feel the police watchdog is sufficiently independent. The police watchdog has admitted it may have wrongly led journalists to believe that Mark Duggan fired at officers before he was killed. The Independent Police Complaints Commission has confirmed that it may have “inadvertently” given reporters misleading information in the early stages of the investigation. It was initially reported that Duggan, 29, shot at police. But ballistic tests later found that a bullet which lodged itself in one officer’s radio was police issue. An inquest into Duggan’s death heard the father-of-four died from a single gunshot wound to the chest.

2- Ian Tomlinson was an English newspaper vendor who collapsed and died in the City of London after he was confronted with the police while on his way home from work during the 2009 G20 summit protests. A first postmortem examination indicated he had suffered a heart attack and had died of natural causes. A video footage later showed that a baton wielding police had struck him on the leg from behind and the pushed him on the ground. The video showed no provocation on Tomlinson’s part. He also was not a protester, and at the time he was struck was walking along with his hands in his pockets. The victim walked away after the incident, but collapsed and died moments later.

3- Jean Charles de Menezes was killed in the aftermath of the London bombings of July 7, 2005. He was a Brazilian man shot in the head seven times at Stockwell tube station on the London Underground by the Metropolitan Police. Police misidentified the victim as one of the fugitives involved in the previous day’s failed bombing attempts. The IPCC launched two probes into the incident, none of which brought disciplinary charges against police officers involved.

4- David Victor Emmanuel, known as Smiley Culture, was killed on March 15, 2011 during a police raid on his home. The 48-year-old was a British reggae singer and deejay known for his fast chat style. Police claimed that the victim died of a self-inflicted wound, while officers were searching his house in Warlingham, Surrey. But a post-mortem examination revealed that he had died from a single stab wound to his heart. His death triggered peaceful protests, but it was little reported.

The IPCC was faced with a crisis in February 2008 after more than one hundred lawyers who had specialized in handling police complaint resigned from its advisory body.

They lashed out at IPCC for its indifference towards complaints, favoritism…

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