Germany – 10 years war in Afghanistan: Pull out our Troops – immediately and unconditionally!

Protest on Saturday October, 8, 2011 in Berlin

10 years of war in Afghanistan: Troops pull out – immediately and unconditionally!

At the suggestion of Peace Coordination Coalition a working alliance has been formed, which met on three occasions and drew up this call for a protest on Saturday 08 October 2011 in Berlin.

Pull the troops out of Afghanistan immediately and unconditionally!

10 years ago the U.S. and its allies attacked Afghanistan. The attack on 11 September 2001 served as a pretext for the attack. They call their war a „war on terror.“
In reality, there is a war going on to control the oil and gas sources and supply routes in the Middle East. For ten years, German troops are now in Afghanistan and are also involved in war crimes, such as in Kunduz.

The consequences of the war are clear: Increasing numbers of victims, especially the Afghan civilian population sufering, destroyed infrastructure, contaminated areas as a result of the massive use of depleted uranium munitions, poverty and increasing violence against women. More and more soldiers are injured, and killed.

The continuation of the war effort is justified by the german government on the pretext of „civilian reconstruction aid.“ But who really benefits? The Afghan economy has been destroyed. 90% of „development aid“ move into the pockets of western „rebuilding companies“.

„NATO is sowing hatred every day,“ writes political scientist Dr. Matin Baraki. „If the people in NATO countries know only a fraction of what has been caused by our soldiers in Afghanistan, an anti-war movement would emerge that would be as large as during the war in Vietnam.“

According to calculations by the German Institute for Economic Research of the Bundeswehr deployment from 2013 the military engagement will cost taxpayers 36 billion euros (to the delight of the defense industry), while the neo-liberal economic and fiscal policy drives more and more people into poverty. Those who restrict human rights in their own country presume to preach to other countries ‚human rights‘, ‚democracy‘ and ‚freedom‘.

The new defense guidelines states: „The Bundeswehr is to guarantee free and unfettered global trade and free access to the high seas and natural resources.“ That’s the freedom they mean! And this freedom of „defense“ minister de Maizière soon threatens to bring also to other countries. Possible applications: Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia or Sudan. And because they need more soldiers, the army even advertises in job centers, schools and even kindergartens!

German troops out of Afghanistan!

Military out of our schools!

No more money for war and the military!

Supporters please send in signatures to mail or in writing to my address: Laura v. Wimmersperg, Hauptstr. 37, 10827 Berlin. Please always include organization name, sender’s name and signature.

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